Working Racks for Working Vehicles

Professional modular design roof racks to fit all models of trucks and bakkies in minutes.


Standard Vehicle

Stage 1 - Heavy Duty Cab Protector/

Roll Bar with anchor points

Stage 2 - Add rear roll bar& tailgate support modification

Stage 3 - Add optional removable side rails

Quick release for side loading

Add optional Roof  Rack

Stage 5 - Full Workhorse Kit


For VW Transporter (and similar drop-side vehicles)

VW Transporter bakkies are great for their spaciousness and car-like driving experience - Not to mention the massive drop side load-bed. But the aluminium sides, while nice and light, are not exactly “Africa-tough”. Furthermore, there is no cab protector to strap big heavy things to. This limits their potential. Our heavy duty “Workhorse Kit” transforms these vehicles into true workhorses without compromising their drop-side versatility. The system is fully modular and can be purchased in sections to suit any application. And you still have the pleasure of a great, spacious vehicle that is easy and fun to drive. The kit will also suit other drop-side bakkies including the H100 / Kia’s and also JMC’s etc.